Monday, November 12, 2012

I've got a Plan.

The music turns dramatic. The protagonist, just a moment earlier had been hunched over, examining the task at hand, completely befuddled, while the secondary characters all look around, worry lines creasing their foreheads. All of a sudden, our hero looks up, an epiphany clearly having just struck their genius mind. "Don't worry, I've got a plan..."

Isn't that always the case? I have seen so many movies with that exact scenario played out. There's an overwhelming problem, just when everyone feels they've gotten past all their hurdles on the road to their destiny or whatever the end of the movie holds. We all, as the audience, try not to get pulled into their drama, we know it's all gonna work out. But still, it's so relatable. We quietly inch to the edge of our seats, thinking, "How are they going to get out of THIS one?"

"Don't worry. I've got a plan."

This statement, no matter how predictable in a movie, somehow calms. I don't know about you, but every time I hear it said, I seem to feel my insides relax. I can breathe again, knowing that my friend on-screen has it all sorted out and will find their happy ending.

I'm sure the reason this very scenario is so over-used in Hollywood is because we all can relate. I mean, we really can. Something goes wrong in our own lives (whether it be a loved one who is sick or just a bad day) and we all want someone to come to us and say, "Don't worry, I've got a plan."

This morning, sipping coffee and munching on granola, I was spending time with Jesus. He really is my favorite. And he was talking to me about life. About finances. About future. And he said to me, with a glint in his eyes: "I've got a plan." I just about giggled with the cheesiness of it, reminded of all those scenarios in Hollywood films. My God was coming to me as a dramatic hero! But at the same time, my heart felt assured. And I knew He did. He had a plan. Everything was good. I love how God meets me in my sense of humor.

Jesus often comes to me when I’m spending time with him and reminds me of what he’s got in store for me. Sweet surprises around every corner, financial provision ALWAYS... just GOOD stuff.

God once gave me a picture about a boardwalk that he was building. It was my path of life. He had gone WAY ahead of David & I and was standing there, critiquing the work that was being carried out to pave our way. Every board had been precision-cut to fit perfectly. Every nail was made of the sturdiest steel. And there were many turns and bends in the path, because he knows I like variety. And around certain bends, he had set up two little cherubic angels, waiting to surprise me. I asked him who the angels were. And he told me, “Goodness and Mercy.” Haha. I get to be waylaid with such fun along my way. 

And so now, if I ever get that knot in my stomach that says, “Oh, no. There’s no way out! We’ve overcome every obstacle, but this one is just insurmountable.” I can just look to my Jesus-hero and know he’s gonna say with a little dramatic flair: “Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan.”

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